29 August 2018

Smartphones, soft toys, suitcases …

The Top 10 most common items left behind at hotels in Summer 2018

People tend to forget things in their everyday lives: umbrellas, keys, watering their plants… But what about their holidays? This summer, our detective colleagues from TUI France have conducted investigations on this case and identified the ten items most commonly left behind at holiday clubs.

Here it is: the list of the TOP 10 most common items left behind this summer:

1. Mobile phones – A not entirely voluntary digital detox

Paradoxically, the majority of holidaymakers are glued to their mobile phones during their holidays – and yet, phones are among the 10 most-forgotten items at many hotels. The loss usually triggers panic and the question of how to get back online quickly.

2. Passport – “Why don’t we extend our holiday?“

When travellers have searched their suitcases, hand bag and all other bags for their passport in vain several times at the airport, they are often still in their hotel room or safe. In some cases this has already led to involuntary holiday extensions.

3. “Lost“ underwear

Underwear tends to hide out in the most unassuming places in hotel rooms. No wonder that departing guests may leave individual misplaced items behind. What a treat for the club staff…

4. (Nearly) never without my suitcase!

You don’t feel like washing your clothes after your holiday? Some holidaymakers seem to solve that problem by just leaving their suitcase behind. Or they may just trust their partner, who has certainly already taken the suitcase to the airport shuttle.

5. When soft toys do not want to go home

Spare a thought for families faced with a devastating shock: their child’s favourite teddy bear is not on board! Some families manage to turn round just in time to calm their crying child down. Others, however, have no choice but to wait for the mail and the parcel from the hotel.

6. Swimsuit – Out of sight, out of mind

A classic among left-behind clothes: swimwear is commonly left on the terrace or balcony to dry. Some guests will not realise their swimwear has successfully defected from their suitcase until packing their bag for the outdoor swimming pool.

7. Keys – “Darling, how are we going to get in?”

Keys – house keys or car keys – tend to fall victim to forgetfulness, not just in people’s everyday lives. Many travellers might not realise they were left behind until they reach that lock that they need to unlock on their front door. Ideally, their next-door neighbour has a spare key. Less fortunate travellers end their holiday with broken windows or a hefty bill from the locksmith.

8. Jewellery – Treasure hunting…

Rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches – travellers’ bedside tables may turn out to be full of surprises and have potential for great misfortune. It is not uncommon for travellers to call their hotel in panic as they have left without their engagement rings…

9. Beach toys – Pleasure before business

When the little ones have built hundreds of sandcastles with their buckets and shovels and have annoyed their siblings with their water pistols, these utensils are often left behind at the hotel. Is this due to forgetfulness? Or does this represent an educational measure by the parents so as to ensure that the kids will now do their homework?

10. Sunglasses – Looking the truth in the face

Sunglasses are the timeless accessory each summer – and at the same time the fashion accessory most commonly left behind at hotels. Some holidaymakers, however, may only forget them so as to have a good excuse for buying new glasses.