5 July 2018

Song, drama and dance in Castelfalfi

TUI Resort in Tuscany becomes cultural reference point

Cultural events increasingly enrich Toscana Resort Castelfalfi’s vibrancy. After the world-famous medieval The Decameron tales were recently performed in the special atmosphere of the picturesque village, the OltreColle Festival debuted in Castelfalfi on 30th June / 1st July. “On Saturday and Sunday, artists, musicians and sculptors from all over Tuscany transformed Castelfalfi’s streets into an open-air stage for virtually all forms of art. Visitors experienced concerts, art installations, theatre performances and street art. Further highlights have been street food sections and vintage markets.

“The OltreColle Festival also offers the opportunity to enjoy one of Tuscany’s most beautiful villages from a new perspective,” emphasized the organisers. The Festival is organised by various parties, including Toscana Resort Castelfalfi, under the aegis of the municipality of Montaione, in which Castelfalfi is situated. Only a few years ago, Castelfalfi was an all-but-deserted village, until TUI developed the village into a high-quality tourist resort. “Since then, Castelfalfi has developed very well” said Paolo Pomponi, Mayor of the municipality of Montaione, located in the centre of the triangle between Florence, Siena and Pisa, in the heart of Tuscany.

From an abandoned village to a cultural reference point
The tourism group employs around 200 people in its TUI hotels, the agricultural estate and the real estate section. The majority of the employees are from the direct surroundings. A further 200 to 250 people outside the resort benefit from cooperation schemes with local laundries, construction companies and other service providers working for TUI and the resort. “In close cooperation between the municipality and TUI, a unique resort has been created for Tuscany. It has been carefully developed, step by step. The medieval village has now been fully restored,” said Mayor Pomponi and TUI Executive Board member Sebastian Ebel at a joint meeting. “Castelfalfi has been revived and now is a lively place attracting many international guests and regional visitors.” And with events such as the OltreColle Festival, Castelfalfi is increasingly becoming a cultural reference point for Montaione and the entire area.