17 May 2018

TUI Group's employee share scheme oneShare receives award

New opportunity to take part starts in June

Last year, TUI Group rolled out its uniform employee share programme oneShare to colleagues in 18 countries. Almost 5,000 staff members took part in the programme in the first year, investing on average slightly more than 200 euros per month.

Global Equity Organization (GEO), the world’s leading organisation for the promotion of an employee equity culture, has now presented an award to oneShare. At its Annual Conference, a jury comprised of experts awarded the programme for “Best Use of a Share Plan in a Corporate Action“. GEO Awards are presented in 11 categories. In its award assessment, the jury emphasised the role of the share programme for TUI Group’s post-merger integration and commended the effective communication strategy in the launch of the programme. Under the motto “oneShare – as easy as 1, 2, 3”, the campaign included testimonials from employees providing information about the programme on posters and in multi-media formats such as videos and gifs.

“oneShare is TUI Group’s first share plan for employees from different TUI companies. It thus strengthens the employees’ identification with TUI. Almost 5,000 colleagues decided to invest in TUI right in year one. This is evidence of the attractiveness of the programme. We are delighted to see that it has also been acknowledged by international experts. As early as June, our colleagues will be offered a new opportunity to take part in the plan – we will roll out oneShare to seven further countries”, said Elke Eller, HR Director at TUI Group.

The employee share programme oneShare is characterised by the following aspects:

  • In the framework of oneShare, employees can purchase shares from a monthly investment of 25 euros. They can invest a maximum of 500 euros per month.
  • Employees receive a 20% discount on the reference share price.
  • After a two-year lock-up period, oneShare participants receive one free matching share for every three TUI shares acquired.
  • oneShare participants are TUI shareholders, benefiting from dividends whose payment and amount are resolved by the Annual General Meeting every year.

Colleagues from HR, Corporate Communciations and Legal have jointly worked on the launch of the new programme.

The Global Equity Organization (GEO) is an international non-profit organisation promoting the establishment and expansion of a global network of equity compensation experts. With over 3,500 active members from more than 70 countries, GEO is the world’s leading member organisation for global employee equity programmes.