9 April 2018

#TUIgrammers in Thailand – International blogger group visits Robinson Club Khao Lak

Last week, eight influencers from Germany, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium travelled to Thailand. They were not just seeking to get to know the country and its people, but also the new ROBINSON Club Khao Lak, which opened in November 2017.

Bloggers and influencers use various social channels – including Instagram, Facebook or YouTube – to reach out to millions of people and inspire them. With the influencer trips launched two years ago under the name #TUIgrammers, TUI Group offers an international format used by many source markets. By following the influencers, many users can gain authentic, first-hand impressions of the journey and many different TUI destinations. The places already visited by #TUIgrammers include Jamaica, Ibiza and Greece.

The programme for the visit to Khao Lak included numerous excursions, starting with a trip to the Seaside Retreat, an elephant camp taking care of older and weak elephants. Holidaymakers can spend some time with the elephants based on a no riding concept. The focus is on a respectful treatment of elephants in line with animal welfare needs. The TUI Care Foundation is also involved in a broad-based elephant protect project. A special focus will be in Thailand.

Whether during stand-up paddling, a sunset boat tour, a canoe ride, a visit to Khao Sok National Park or to the old town of Takua Pa, or a Thai cooking class at ROBINSON Club Khao Lak – the influencers were constantly able to produce contents for their social channels. This time, the group did not only comprise typical travel bloggers, but also freestyle footballers, nature and landscape photographers and an actress. They jointly created a varied, authentic picture of the trip to Thailand.

This far, the participants have already produced more than 80 Instagram posts under the hashtag #TUIgrammers, hundreds of Instagram stories and several YouTube videos. During the first few days of the trip, the contents had already reached more than two million users.

The success of the trip has been confirmed by the interaction and the positive feedback from the followers.