26 March 2018

TUI: Canaries most popular destination of Europeans at Easter

Many Europeans choose sunny Easter

Sun, South, island – that is the motto of many Europeans at Easter. This was revealed by a survey conducted by TUI. According to its results, during and around the upcoming Easter holidays many Scandinavians, Britons, French or Germans will travel to the South. Although there are different preferences, at Easter generally islands with warm temperatures are particularly popular. The Canary Islands are top of the holiday destination list for all European holidaymakers travelling with the TUI Group, with 20 million guests a year taking holidays at more than 100 destinations.

Thus the largest number of guests is attracted to the Spanish archipelago off the coast of North-West Africa. Gran Canaria is the top destination for Scandinavians, while the British and Austrians prefer to travel to Tenerife. However, both islands are among the most popular holiday destinations almost all over Europe. One of the top five destinations is Lanzarote, which is especially popular with Britons and Norwegians. Cape Verde is also very popular among the northern Europeans.

The German tourists provide a surprise with their travel habits on a European comparison. Although they still spend their Easter holidays preferably in Spain and especially in the Canary Islands. But second only to Spain, the Germans prefer to travel within their own borders. Already in previous years, they spent their holidays in their own country much more often than their European neighbours. Apart from that, the Germans favour Egypt, Thailand and the USA as destinations. Thailand and Egypt are also very popular with Austrians.

It looks a little different with the holiday planning of the French: for them, Greece is the top destination, followed by Spain, Italy, Morocco and Tunisia. Holidaymakers from Great Britain like to travel to faraway places. Besides the Canary Islands, British tourists also count the Mexican peninsula of Yucatán and Florida among their favorite destinations. But even if there are different preferences, the Europeans do continue to agree in principle: following the long winter, they want to enjoy the sun – and very often in connection with an island.