20 February 2018

Sustainable Wines: Connecting tourism and agriculture for the good of Crete

  • The first eight sustainable wines from indigenous Cretan varieties will be out in the market in the 2018 summer season
  • Project by TUI Care Foundation and Futouris supports Crete to become model destination for sustainable food

“TUI Cares for Crete – Sustainable Food“ is a joint project by TUI Care Foundation and Futouris which has the objective of linking the most important economic factors of the island – tourism and agriculture. By providing training, economic support and building bridges with the thriving tourism industry, the two organisations are setting strong foundations to connect local oil and wine farmers with the driving tourism industry of the island. The cooperation has a special focus on sustainability. Less than a year after a successful kick off workshop with more than 80 local wine-growers, olive-farmers and numerous hotel partners; the joint project is already bearing fruits. By the end of 2017, 192 local farmers were actively involved in the project aimed at strengthening the island’s local industry and consolidating a sound local network of producers.

Last year’s harvest produced the first eight types of sustainable wines from indigenous Cretan varieties. This summer, holidaymakers will be able to experience a variety of those local grapes at their hotels. With the production of the first sustainable wines – a big milestone has been achieved. These varieties are now available to the public and ready to be tasted. Seven hotels supporting the initiative will be offering these wines to their customers at the beginning of the 2018 summer season. Among them, are the TUI Magic Life Club Candia Maris and the TUI Sensatori Resort Crete by Atlantica. Guests can experience some authentic local flavour, help to preserve the destination’s identity, and strengthen the local economy.

In addition to agriculture, tourism is the main source of income for the island, and a sustainable food and beverage offering is becoming increasingly important to holidaymakers. Connecting the two industries, so that the destination and holidaymakers both benefit seemed like a logical initiative to both the TUI Care Foundation and Futouris. Nevertheless, the TUI Cares for Crete project is not only bringing together the two most important economic activities in the island, but also helping to support cultural heritage that distinguishes Crete and its people.

The local winery Lyrarakis Wines is currently distributing this selection of sustainable wines, which include the varieties of: Thrapsathiri Armi, Vilana Pirovolikes, Vidiano Ippodromos, Mandilari Plakoura, Plyto Psarades, Dafni Psarades, Kotsifali PGI and Vilana PGI.