15 January 2018

Fakeation: TUI Nordics is looking for professional slackers

What is a fakeation? It is a fake-vacation.

TUI colleagues at Sweden are now bringing the fakeation to a mall in Stockholm including a fake beach, two sun therapy booths, sun loungers and more typical beach props. Winters in Stockholm are long and the next vacation might be months away. With the fakeation booth and beach people in Stockholm will have the opportunity for a short fakeation. The job advertisement for the “employees” working at the booth raised international media interest. It might have been the very first time in TUI history that we are looking for professional slackers.

The full vacancy


Have you ever fallen asleep at work? Do you like the idea of being on vacation? Do you like money? Then keep on reading.

TUI, one of the world’s largest travel agencies, is now looking for four slowpokes for a relaxing fixed-term position. The ideal applicant takes great pride in doing as little as possible at any cost and possesses an enviable capability of daydreaming of sunnier days.

Having no interest whatsoever in interacting with others and no ability at all to multitask is beneficial but not a requirement.

Previous experience of sleeping at your workplace is highly appreciated, but with the right mindset we believe that you can be a successful candidate regardless of your past working experience.

The position is based in the heart of Stockholm. Your cozy nine square meter office, which you will be sharing with a like-minded colleague, is located in a charming building with the shortest possible distance to some pretty impressive public transportation. The interior is highly influenced by Mediterranean beaches and offers an impressive array of ergonomic working surfaces and phenomenal views in all directions.


  • Not at all able to think outside the box
  • Feel extremely uncomfortable hearing words like “productivity” and “deadlines”
  • Like to sit or lie down
  • Impressive ability to focus on your own relaxation regardless of external distractions
  • Truly prioritize your own relaxation


  • None


  • Sit in a beach chair wearing a summer outfit (not only swimwear) with your feet in the sand. Alternatively lie on a beach towel if you find that more comfortable
  • Have a well-needed nap, read a book of your choice, listen to your favorite music, do some meditation or other similarly relaxing activity
  • Completely ignore stressful bypassing commuters and focus on your own relaxation

Please note that duties may not vary.

If any, you hopefully slept through most of it.

Fixed salary. Guaranteed to be way too high in relation to performance.

Four temporary positions available. Daily shifts will be 7am - 1pm and 1pm - 7pm between January 22nd – February 4th.

Does it sound like you?
Write a couple of lines about who you are and why you should become one of our Fakeation Specialists. Attach a picture or video of yourself in your most relaxing pose (preferably taken in a stressful environment) to increase your chances. We also need to know what size you wear in flip-flops and summer outfits. Please don’t bother to attach your resume, a cover letter or any other certifications.

Don’t like the idea of basically getting paid to sleep?
Share it with your laziest friend.