12 December 2017

International Careers at TUI: The Global 60 Initiative

TUI stands for internationality. We operate in more than 100 holiday destinations. Our employees in the destinations and in our source markets are dedicated to helping international customers experience the best days in their year on their holiday with TUI. We therefore need committed colleagues with global experience: colleagues who are prepared to experience and immerse in the culture of a different country, who join their new teams with fresh ideas and know TUI Group from different perspectives.

In order to trigger international careers within TUI Group and encourage employees even more strongly to gain some experience abroad, the Global 60 initiative was launched last year. The goal was to offer 60 employees an opportunity to make their next career move in another country during financial year 2016/17. After 12 months, 64 employees made use of this opportunity. TUI actively supported them in moving to the new country, finding an apartment or finding the right school for their children.

35 of the 64 participants of the Global 60 programme met in Hanover to discuss opportunities and challenges relating to a global career at TUI. They have travelled from their new “home countries” including Curacao, Spain, Sweden, France and Thailand to exchange views and information with their colleagues and jointly develop proposals on potential measures to make Global 60 a part of "Business as Usual" within TUI Group. In the evening, CEO Friedrich Joussen, and Executive Board members Elke Eller, Horst Baier and David Burling engaged in intensive dialogue with the participants to discuss the proposed ideas – and shared their own career experiences at a joint dinner.