8 December 2017

The new TUI policyAGENDA – December 2017

Jamaica is an island that has attracted a lot of political attention since the German election, not as a tourist destination, but because the colours of its national flag correspond to the colours of the potential coalition parties. The political ‘Jamaica project’ may have failed, but the real Jamaica is a success. Its prosperity is growing and the island now offers better employment opportunities for the people who live there, to a large extent as a result of tourism projects.

Very few people are aware of tourism’s significance as a global industry. In Germany, the tourism sector is one of the industries providing the largest number of jobs. It is a source of stability within the EU during periods of recession, especially in southern European countries, because of its paramount economic importance. And the amount of funds flowing into emerging and developing countries from tourism is many times higher than the development aid they receive.

Reflecting its status as a leading international leisure travel group, TUI Group has taken the initiative to develop progressive tourism around the globe with reputed partners such as the United Nations, NASA, Plan International, GIZ, the Helmholtz Centre and many other participating institutions. In the current issue of policyAGENDA we have included specific examples of how sustainable tourism facilitates prosperity in various countries and creates opportunities for the people who live there – and what our politicians can do to multiply the positive effects of tourism.

You will find the new policyAGENDA for December and a special supplement entitled “Tourism: more important than you think" in the attachment.

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