21 November 2017

Empowering young people: TUI Care Foundation and Plan International in the Dominican Republic

Participants of the first year of the TUI Academy.

Journalists from Germany, UK, Belgium and the Netherlands visited the “TUI Academy” in the Dominican Republic last week which was established by TUI Care Foundation and Plan International. Through this initiative 150 disadvantaged girls and boys will receive, throughout a period of three years, a one-year vocational training course preparing them for work in the field of tourism. Furthermore, a top-up educational programme will be offered which, beyond providing employment skills, will also include education on sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender related issues, work safety and financial literacy. This way TUI Academy will help young people to protect themselves from exploitation and make better informed decisions about their future life.

As part of the press trip, a symbolic training contract was signed. In discussions with the students of the TUI Academy and representatives of TUI Care Foundation and Plan International, journalists were able to get to know the project first hand. In addition, they have participated in training lessons, e.g. in a “life skill” class where young people are encouraged to persue their goals, and traditional role models are challenged that often deny woman equal opportunities and rights. In addition, journalists have visited two neighborhoods from which participants of the TUI Academy come.