Hanover, 22 September 2017

Fingerprints – Our people bring our values to life

Behind this tourism company, there are people, that have an interesting story to tell.

16 cruise ships, over 300 own hotels, six touristic airlines with over 150 aircrafts, 1.600 travel agencies and own travel guides in more than 100 destinations make TUI the world leading tourism company. However, these figures do not bring the TUI brand to life – 67,000 employees who share common values do.

The video format Fingerprints shows employees who do not just bring these values to life by what they do, but above all by who they are. People with extraordinary stories, exceptional commitment, adventurous leisure time activities or a life off the beaten track.

The current story is about Corinne Cichacki. She was born HIV positive. After she had to keep her disease a secret for many years, she now actively promotes openness in dealing with HIV and seeks to encourage other people affected. Which obstacles did she have to overcome? How does her daily life look like? Fingerprints answers those questions and tells their stories.

You can find more stories on www.tui-fingerprints.com. For example about Alice Bird, a British colleague that now lives and works in Agadir for TUI. In her leisure time she visits a local orphanage on a regular basis and spends time with the children who live there. Or about Timo Gödeke, who is an office management trainee at TUI. Alongside his apprenticeship he is taking the time to train three to five times a week because he has a great passion for dance.