8 August 2017

TUI’s uniform brand appearance in the destinations

As part of TUI Group’s “oneBrand” campaign international subsidiaries are currently being renamed under the umbrella brand “TUI“. That applies not only to the tour operator but also to the bus fleet. This way a uniform brand appearance can also be guaranteed in the destinations.

Step one of the roll out focused on the outside branding of the coach fleet and now in step two, the team are focusing on the insides of our vehicles. The first destination to roll this out is Spain, with the Dominican Republic (four coaches), Cyprus (12 coaches) and Greece (seven coaches) to follow very soon.

Below are some facts and figures which show the progress of the project.


  • 115 vehicles (with 6357 seats) will be rebranded in Mallorca, Canaries and Mainland Spain
  • 13 new vehicles (2017) have already been delivered with new seats
  • Total vehicles with new seats: 128 (7072 seats)
  • Palma has already finished rebranding process: 50 vehicles plus 11 new buses (2017) with 61 already in operation for summer ‘17
  • Mainland Spain rebranding process is ongoing (15 vehicles) and expected to be completed in mid-July
  • Canaries rebranding starting at the end of July will finish at the end of September (50 vehicles).


  • 1.20m leather and 1.20m of foam is needed per seat. The material needed includes 1526m.
  • Manufacturing time is two hours per seat: 12,714 hours (1589 working days of eight hours)
  • Installation takes eight hours per day per vehicle with a team of four members (32 hours/vehicle) which needs huge coordination between the Operations Team and the supplier to meet high season vehicles needs
  • 12 colleagues are required at supplier´s headquarter (Tarragona, Spain) plus four members of installation team. 16 colleagues in total
  • The Installation team works two months in Palma and two months in the four Canary Islands.

All the rebranding has been designed to be consistent with TUI airplane seats, which leads to a uniform brand experience for the customers. On the headrests there are six different designs advertising, four top selling excursions and two corporate messages: The excursions platform GoTUI.com and the “Meet your team” campaign that calls attention to TUI service in the destinations.