25 April 2017

From bamboo rafting to cliff diving: New TUI excursions in Jamaica

An international group of seven influencers from five source markets was now invited to the Caribbean to discover Jamaica with RIU and TUI.

With seven hotels TUI has a strong position in Jamaica. Six RIU hotels and one Sensatori hotel for couples welcome tourists from across the globe in the Caribbean island. Destinations such as Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios have recently shown a very positive development, with TUI recording a 20% increase in customer numbers year-on-year.

TUI is now also expanding its excursion programme in Jamaica. Under the name “TUI Collection”, it offers particularly authentic, sustainable excursions. However, it also has a lot in store for adventure-seeking travellers.

Only a few weeks ago, TUI invited a group of international influencers to test the excursions. The group included participants from Belgium, Austria, the Netherland, the UK and Germany. Alongside RIU Palace Jamaica in Montego Bay and RIU Negril, the programme included above all the newly planned TUI Collection excursions. A highlight video wraps up the excursions and participants:

  • The TUI Collection 'Roots & Culture' excursion takes the participants to the accessible Mayfield Falls waterfalls and a nearby cave. It emphasizes in particular Jamaica’s history, characterised by the slave trade, and the Jamaican love of nature.
  • A relaxing bamboo raft trip on the Martha Brae river takes the participants through dense forests and nature. An experienced captain offers an authentic Jamaican experience for two persons.
  • Guests from many hotels may go on a catamaran to the world famous Rick's Café, subject of a song by the legendary Bob Marley. Relaxed reggae beats and fearless cliff divers await the guests.
  • TUI’s excursion programme also includes a trip to Chukka leisure park – originally a sugar cane plantation – offering ziplining and other sports activities.