2 February 2017

TUI’s global bus fleet transports Belgium’s population

Rebranding: vehicles given modern repainting

TUI Group’s vehicle fleet in its destinations around the globe has transported more than 11 million guests in the season of 2015//16. The number equals the inhabitants of Belgium. TUI Destination Services, the unit responsible for all services in the destinations of the world’s leading tourism business, employs 7,000 staff members and manages a fleet of more than 1,000 busses and vans. "To be precise, there were exactly 11.6 million guests who were picked up from the airport by our buses, minibuses, taxis and private limousines and taken to their holiday hotels", explains David Schelp, Managing Director TUI Destination Services. In order to provide the vehicles with a distinctive and modern look also reflecting the recent modernisation of the TUI brand, the bus fleet is currently undergoing an extensive rebranding programme. "Around 240 vehicles at popular holiday destinations have already received a new coat of paint”, says Schelp.

As part of TUI’s international "oneBrand" campaign the repainting of the bus fleet has already been initiated in Spain and Turkey, the Cape Verde Islands, Cyprus, the Dominican Republic and the Greek island of Kos. With the “oneBrand” campaign, all major European tour operator brands are being renamed under the umbrella brand "TUI". "This will make a uniform brand appearance possible", says Schelp. "It is our objective to accompany our guests with the TUI smile from the airport to the hotel, to provide them with orientation and to thereby increase the anticipation of the most wonderful weeks of the year".

In Spain alone, 144 buses out of a total of 179 vehicles have already been provided with the new look. The paintwork is based on the colours of the travel company's airlines. Like the TUI aircraft, the newly-painted buses will thus now come in the uniform, wavy TUI design. The bodywork of the vehicles will be designed in white, light blue and dark blue waves. They will be joined by the brand name TUI in large red letters. "Each bus will require 20 litres of paint and the work will take 80 hours", reports Jose Luis Lombardi, Transport Manager Balearics. "In other words, one worker will therefore be busy for two weeks painting one bus". On Majorca, in addition, seven buses have received a special branding. They are also painted in red, purple and yellow, and stand for the seven different hotel brands and concepts of the group: TUI Blue, Robinson, TUI Magic Life, RIU, TUI Sensimar, TUI Sensatori and TUI Family Life.

In total, the TUI bus fleet employs 455 drivers, 55 mechanics and cleaning personnel as well as 100 employees in the area of ​​"Administration and Operations". They demonstrated their full operational capability especially in 2010, when the Icelandic volcano with the unpronounceable name of Eyjafjallajökull paralysed the entire European air traffic. At the time, TUI employees transported hundreds of stranded holidaymakers home from Spain, for example, with bus convoys.