20 January 2017

BLUEf!t into the New Year

Finally lose weight, eat healthier or get fit – these ideas are on many people’s list of the Top 10 New Year’s resolutions. However, once they are back to their everyday lives in the New Year, their bubbly-inspired New Year’s resolutions rapidly lose momentum. You have to keep your resolutions going strong – but how do you achieve that? Lars Löwe, graduated sports scientist and nutrition coach for TUI’s new hotel brand TUI BLUE, reveals a few tricks to shed the post-Christmas pounds.

“Take your time”

“In general, a good mix of strength and endurance training is important if you want to lose weight,” says Lars Löwe. “However, many people will give up if their weight loss stagnates after some initial success.” As a BLUEf!t Guide, he motivated holidaymakers at TUI BLUE Palm Garden in Turkey to work out in the summer. Now, in winter, he helps the guests of TUI BLUE Fleesensee in Germany to get fit. The participants taking part in his fitness classes are most successful if they are patient, vary their workout routine, and eat right.

Lars warns the guests not to be impatient. “If you have gained weight over five years, you will not get rid of it within two months. Take your time!” You should start training your big muscles, e.g. using gym equipment to train your legs, back and abdominal muscles. This will burn up energy particularly well, and you will start losing weight. You then train your endurance and the body’s smaller muscle groups. For that purpose, Lars suggests TRX training, where participants work with a special belt system and their own body weight.

New stimuli to burn fat

Yet, what are you supposed to do if your weight loss stagnates? “This is when new stimuli are required. Many people make the mistake of taking part in the same classes time and again. However, your body will get used to the movement patterns when you train and increasingly save energy. The only way to fight this trend is variety,” says Lars. Anything goes – running in the open air, mountain biking, climbing or fascia training. Add to this the right diet: lots of carbohydrates in the morning, a full meal at lunchtime, low-carb meals in the evening. According to Lars, this is not a problem, even when you are away on a holiday: “All TUI BLUE hotels offer our guests a choice of low-carb evening meals, for instance salad with meat or a selection of cheese. A tip for all those who do not want to do without bread in the evening: our delicious protein bread.”

Holidays and dieting are compatible

TUI BLUE guests wishing to obtain more tips from Lars and his BLUEf!t colleagues may have their personal nutrition and training plan drawn up. ”We might, for instance, start here at Germany’s Fleesensee, now in winter, and then check how you are getting on with your dieting and sports plans in your summer holiday in one of our beach hotels,” suggests Lars. “I will be back to Turkey in the summer. So if you would like to see me, just drop in at TUI BLUE Palm Garden.“


The comprehensive BLUEf!t concept for fitness, wellness and nutrition is a key element of TUI BLUE. BLUEf!t was developed in cooperation with the German University for Prevention and Health Care Management. Whether personal or group training, outdoor activities or modern training premises – BLUEf!t is an ideal training programme to further every holidaymaker’s sense of well-being. Guests may feel free to ask the BLUEf! Guides to carry out a fitness check and subsequently draw up a personal nutrition and fitness plan to support a healthier lifestyle in the long term.