23 November 2016

Digital Keynote by Fritz Joussen at #hub16 Startup Conference

TUI Group CEO Fritz Joussen gave a keynote to industry representatives and startups in Berlin tuesday morning. He addressed more than 2,000 guests, speaking about Silicon Valley, Digital Policy and sharing his personal outlook on digital technology.

In his keynote, he shared clear positions: “In Silicon Valley, all that matters is scale and reach” – rather than customer-centricity. Especially in times where a lot of executives try to get insights from the Valley, one needs to be aware of this. Google, Facebook or others are about reach and scale. 

Fritz Joussen als talked about digital infrastructure: “Vertical integration of the Internet structure and a European Single Market are the only way to create genuine value added” – in contrast to much-debated net neutrality.

He described Blockchain as a future-oriented technology. A process that distributes databases safely across several sources. “You need to skate where the puck is going. In technology, this is, for instance, Blockchain, as it is safe and fast. All our future systems will rely on this technology.”

The keynote will be made available at http://hub.berlin within a few days.