8 November 2016

TUI Airlines are among the world’s most climate-efficient airlines

TUI Airlines have again achieved top rankings in the 2016 Airline Index published by the independent climate protection organisation atmosfair, which compares the climate efficiency of the world’s 200 largest airlines: TUI fly and Thomson Airways have been rated as the world’s most climate-efficient charter airlines. At jet fuel consumption per passenger of 2.52 litres per 100 kilometres, TUI fly achieved the best score in our sector within this category – and also achieved a top overall ranking.

In a comparison of all airlines (charter airlines, network carriers and regional carriers), TUI fly once again achieved a top ranking as the second most efficient airline, followed by Thomson Airways on rank three. TUI fly Netherlands and TUI fly Belgium are among the ten most climate-efficient airlines in both rankings. 

The top ranking reflects the efforts made in the framework of the sustainability strategy "Better Holiday, Better World", which was launched by TUI Group last year for the next five years. Apart from supporting people and regions in the destination countries, the sustainability activities focus on reducing the ecological footprint. In concrete terms, TUI Group aims to cut the CO2 intensity of its global business operations by 10% by 2020. Apart from the TUI Airlines fleet, this also includes cruises, hotels, guest transfers and business locations.