18 August 2016

Always 'On' – TUI Netherlands offers to young talents an international training program in the Caribbean

Tourism is one of the most important economic sectors in many countries and a key driver for wealth and employment. It is a job-creating industry, particularly for young people. Since TUI Group is the world’s number one tourism business with 76,000 employees globally, we offer job opportunities not only in our European source markets, but in more than 160 destinations around the globe. This reflects our understanding of customer service: Since customer needs change, new service skills are in demand. This way new job opportunities emerge in the destinations.

Nowadays customers expect nothing less than 24/7 service. They are “Always ‘On’” and as a consequence, so should we. This is quite challenging, since having a good occupancy on your contact center outside of the office hours is not easy. TUI Netherlands has now found the perfect solution for this. The Dutch TUI subsidiary has created a customer contact center in Willemstad to provide customer service in the evenings until 11 p.m.

Now, Willemstad may sound Dutch, yet it is located in Curacao in the Caribbean. In the former Dutch Antilles people still speak Dutch, which makes it an ideal place to recruit employees for the contact center. With the 6 hour time difference (5 in winters), the colleagues in Curacao follow up as soon as the offices in the Netherlands close and thus smartly take advantage of the different time zones. The 60 team members in Curacao do not only handle all customer contacts over the phone, they do also manage the web chats and web care for responses on social media.

Therefore TUI Netherlands recently launched a very successful program – the “TUI Curacao WorkXperience”: the company contracted youngsters with little prior work experience for 8 months. These young talents from both, Curacao and Netherlands, will be located first in the Netherlands and will then move for another 6 months to the TUI Curacao Center in the Caribbean. This training scheme already proved to be very popular and enthusiastic young people from both countries applied for the exciting international training experience. After the completion of these 8 months training period, the good performers will be offered a job in one of our TUI Benelux offices in the Netherlands, in Belgium or in Curacao. This way our customer service contact centers are “Always ‘on’” – with excellent training, expertise and with a Caribbean Smile.