Hanover, 20 January 2017

Fit into the New Year: How sports experts from TUI Hotels & Resorts help you kick-start your New Year’s resolutions

Finally lose weight, eat healthier or get fit – these ideas are on many people’s list of the Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions. However, once they are back to their everyday lives in the New Year, their bubbly-inspired New Year’s resolutions rapidly lose momentum. Lars Löwe, graduated sports scientist and nutrition coach at TUI’s new hotel brand TUI Blue, reveals his tricks to shed the post-Christmas pounds.

“In general, a good mix of strength and endurance training is important if you want to lose weight. And, of course, you have to change your diet,” says Lars Löwe. “However, many people will give up if their weight loss stagnates after some initial success.” As a BLUEf!t Guide, he motivated holidaymakers at TUI BLUE Palm Garden in Turkey to work out in the summer. Now, in winter, he helps the guests of TUI BLUE Fleesensee in Germany to get fit. His insider tip: “Find new stimuli to burn fat. Your body will get used to the movement patterns when you train, and increasingly save energy. The only way to fight this trend is variety”. Anything goes – TUI Blue’s programme includes, for instance, mountain biking, climbing or fascia training.

Find here further tips from Lars Löwe.

TUI guests do not have to break their New Year resolutions during their holidays, but will gain new motivation from the hotels’ comprehensive range of offerings. Premium club holiday provider Robinson for an example will carry out the “Be.Healthy.Fit.And.Georgeous” week in April to offer new stimuli for body and soul (23rd to 30th April 2017 at Robinson Club Cala Serena). Under the Majorcan sun, the participants will be free to try different training methods ranging from Gyrokinesis© via Latin Dance all the way to Slings & Stretch, and get inspired by WellFood menus.

The all-inclusive club brand TUI Magic Life also offers a new “secret weapon” for fat burning from Summer 2017. The HITT (High Intensity Interval Training) fitness programme is particularly well suited for dieting. Once the guests have learned the simple exercises, they can carry them out anywhere, and will even continue to burn calories after the training session due to muscle activity.

About BLUEf!t

The comprehensive BLUEf!t concept for fitness, wellness and nutrition is a key element of TUI BLUE. BLUEf!t was developed in cooperation with the German University for Prevention and Health Care Management. Whether personal or group training, outdoor activities or modern training premises – BLUEf!t is an ideal training programme to further every holidaymaker’s sense of well-being. Guests may feel free to ask the BLUEf! Guides to carry out a fitness check and subsequently draw up a personal nutrition and fitness plan to support a healthier lifestyle in the long term.