Hannover, 9 February 2016

Constituent meeting of TUI AG Supervisory Board re-elects Prof. Dr Klaus Mangold as Chairman

Sir Michael Hodgkinson re-elected and remains Vice-Chairman together with Frank Jakobi / Peter Long and Alexey Mordashov newly elected to the Supervisory Board at the AGM

The agenda for today’s Annual General Meeting of TUI AG in Hanover included elections to the Supervisory Board. Following the Annual General Meeting, the Supervisory Board held its constituent meeting. Prof. Dr Klaus Mangold was re-elected as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, with Sir Mike Hodgkinson re-elected as Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board.  

Upon the close of today’s Annual General Meeting of TUI AG, the terms of office of six of the ten shareholder representatives on the Supervisory Board members were due to expire. Moreover, Maxim Shemetov stepped down from his function as shareholder representative with effect from the end of the ordinary Annual General Meeting 2016. The shareholders therefore elected or re-elected a total of seven Supervisory Board members: Prof. Dr Klaus Mangold (re-elected), Sir Michael Hodgkinson (re-elected), Prof. Dr Edgar Ernst (re-elected), Angelika Gifford (newly elected), Peter Long (newly elected), Alexey Mordashov (newly elected), Carmen Riu Güell (re-elected). Peter Long and Alexey Mordashov will join the Supervisory Board for the first time, while Angelika Gifford had already been a Supervisory Board member from 2012 to 2014.

The members of the Supervisory Board of TUI AG are:

  • Prof. Dr Klaus Mangold (Chairman), Member since 2010
  • Frank Jakobi (Vice Chairman), Member since 2007
  • Sir Michael Hodgkinson (Vice Chairman), Member since 2014
  • Andreas Barczewski, Member since 2006
  • Peter Bremme, Member since 2014
  • Prof. Dr Edgar Ernst, Member since 2011
  • Angelika Gifford, Member since 2016
  • Valerie Frances Gooding, Member since 2014
  • Dr Dierk Hirschel, Member since 2015
  • Janis Carol Kong, Member since 2014
  • Peter Long, Member since 2016
  • Coline Lucille McConville, Member since 2014
  • Alexey Mordashov, Member since 2016
  • Michael Pönipp, Member since 2013
  • Wilfried H. Rau, Member since 2014      
  • Carmen Riu Güell, Mitglied seit 2005
  • Carola Schwirn, Member since 2014
  • Anette Strempel, Member since 2009
  • Ortwin Strubelt, Member since 2009
  • Stefan Weinhofer, Member since 2016

The detailed results of the votes on all agenda items at the ordinary Annual General Meeting 2016 will be available from 10 February 2016 at